There have been memorable moments in my life where I have questioned the clothing god’s ability to make something, anything that could be more comfortable than the yoga-or-even-when-you’re-not-doing-yoga stretch pant. I have found the answer.


We have had unusually warm weather here lately, and last weekend I found an outfit that screams danger. Danger as in it reminds me something you would dress a toddler in because of how easy it is [ it’s one piece ] and how comfortable it is [ despite an intricate back pattern it totally works to wear normal undergarments ] and in really hot weather all of this makes for a winning combination but the dangerous part is I wore it a couple nights out in a row.. and to a baby shower.. in consecutive days. I didn’t gravitate to it when I first saw it, it took seeing an employee wearing it to convince me that the high waist and wide leg look wouldn’t be too much. Don’t wear this if you pride yourself on being a non-outfit-repeating-offender because this guy is begging to be worn all summer. And spring too, when it’s amazingly hot. And finally, happy Friday!



hat: JCrew Factory (on sale!) | romper: Anthropologie

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