So I may have gone a little lasso tool in Photoshop nuts after I discovered the look I was going for with WFTD’s new logo, thoughts? Thoughts on the floating head positioned in the side bar? Has this blog finally made it and said goodbye to my hand drawn attempts at a header? So that’s what was happening for me this week, on top of the fact that I got a brand new baby cousin (thank you, Kellmeister!) and I’m head over heels in love.

Me: Hi! Are you guys okay with dinner? Want me to pick up something?
Kell: Thanks! We actually just had a huge late lunch so we should be okay..
(1 hour later)
Me: Hi, do you guys need me to go over and feed the cat?
Kell: Oh thanks, we’ll be home pretty soon so that’s okay…
(Hours elapse)
Me: Just at the grocery store, do you guys need anything, eggs?
Kell: Um no, I think we’re okay.. so nice though.
Me: Okay, no problem, are you sure? Milk?
Kell: Mark says you don’t need an excuse to come over.

May you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with eggs and milk and cat feedings if needed. Oh, and brand new babies if you’re lucky. Happy Friday!

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