If you’re following me on Facebook you may have read here that we spent the weekend (and Monday and Tuesday. . .if it wasn’t for the need to make money at our 9-5 jobs so we could pay for the trillion loaves of bread, pounds of cheese and barrels of wine we devoured I may have never come back) in Napa and that regrettably I forgot my backpack which had my computer so I wasn’t able to post ‘Five Things I Learned this Weekend’ on Monday so here it is, but I’m just calling it Five Things because a few of these pictures weren’t taken over the actual weekend of Saturday and Sunday and this blog prides itself on sticking to the facts. So here are my ‘five things’ for this week, hopefully you can forgive me for getting this post out late, vacation withdrawals have set in and right now I’m just glad I made it to work with two of the same shoes on, it was pretty touch and go there for a bit.

photo (3)

1. Target has style. No this isn’t something shockingly new, but these sandals are and thanks to feedback via social media I have confirmed they are a hit. Go get these and #sparkleon.

photo (6)

2. The importance of bread cannot be understated. Best bakery in Napa. Best sourdough loaf (they use a white-grape based starter) I’ve ever had. Yes, I ate this by myself (so naturally I should take a picture with it, right?)

photo (4)

3. What’s A Hostess to Do? But, really? This book imparts the wisdom the women in my life, too busy with things like taking me to soccer practice and making sure I understood I would go to college to give, but for tricks that are essential to throwing an effortless dinner party that got lost in the women-breaking-glass-ceilings-and-moving-beyond-lessons-in-how-to-press-the-perfect-trousers translation- this book is entertaining and chock-full of small details that can make a big difference. Glass of wine and lots of good food over at my place after you receive the appropriate invite, anyone?


4. When in doubt, go with tapas. Our first night in Napa was an interesting one due to a camping reservation mix up that turned out to be an expensive mistake (we ended up in a spa like resort which one can’t technically complain about) so needless to say our dinner plans were a bit off and we found ourselves heading downtown without much of a plan. It’s a pretty good place to do that it turns out, see this restaurant for further delicious explanation.

photo (5)

5. Match  your cross body bag with your flats. This is my good friend Tara posing patiently for me as I snapped her picture during our book club’s outing around her beautiful SF neighborhood and she has since convinced me that a gold bag and shiny flats need to be next on my wishlist.

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