Okay, so many great things are scrolling through my head that it feels like ticker tape with every headline reading good news. Things like your family doesn’t care if your bruschetta tastes a bit off or that your plan for sprinkled mini doughnuts never made it to the dessert table because they will just be so happy to be together that a good drink and great company are really all you need for the perfect backyard baby shower. Things like this recipe for white berry cake is amazing (plus you don’t need to use rosewater or all the fruit and it still tastes really good!) and the video series [Ask Amy] by the hilarious Amy Poehler takes a more serious tone and I think is directed towards young girls, but I couldn’t get enough of her advice for women series and ended up spending a good part of Sunday glued to my computer screen. Here are five things I learned this weekend:

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1. A second shower for a child close in age or of the same sex is sometimes referred to as a ‘sprinkle,’ and in keeping with the theme you may want to buy sprinkles in bulk on Amazon. Be aware that when the label read 3.9 lbs, they really do mean, 3.9 lbs. And even though their bulk really is bulk, I’m loving this brand: India Tree that makes sprinkles and food coloring from vegetable juices.


2. This company that I heard about from a friend who writes this blog has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support their label, Sword & Plough, a “quadruple bottom line bag company that works with veterans to repurpose military surplus fabric into stylish bags.” 16 days left to buy their goods at the lower Kickstarter price. Amazing stuff.

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3. I finally bought a bunch of seeds this weekend with the intention of having a huge herb garden in my teensy plot of earth in our backyard. Guacamole with lots of cilantro by the boatloads this summer? I’m ready for you.

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4. Sometimes it really is the little things: like these socks [incredibly comfortable and don't slack in my sneakers] by Lululemon with the witty ‘run fast’ encouragement embroidered on the insides have me nearly forgetting their see-through-pants-bend-over-public-relations-nightmare.

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5. Sewing paper garland circles (like the ones on etsy here) and stitching multicolored pom poms (like those seen here) is my new go to fairly quick and attractive and inexpensive decorating idea for parties. The whole thing together was so fun, I may never take this strand down.

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