My grandma got an iPad this weekend as a birthday gift from my parents and after she was done saying the sweet things grandmas say like You shouldn’t have spent this much money on something I don’t know how to use! and my sister and cousin recovered from near death by excitement upon learning they can now text her (they’re teens you see) she learned within minutes how to go to a website and bookmark her favorites. So I fully expect to have plus one readers today . . . right grandma? ;)

1. I learned where my love of sandwiches, beer and t-shirts come from. Celebrated Father’s Day yesterday and ran across this goodie.

photo (6)

2. Washi tape never fails as a go to craft and just in case we were running out of ideas of how to use it or doubting that BuzzFeed’s infamous lists have covered everything, here’s 56 ways to decorate with washi tape from an article they first posted last year.

photo (5)

3. Jewelry parties are a thing and they’re a really good excuse to get together with your girlfriends to oogle at pretty things and drink during the day without anyone thinking you’re too old for that.

photo (7)

4. I need this fish tank. This fish tank helps you successfully grow fresh herbs, isn’t that reason enough? My attempt at growing cilantro didn’t go very well and I’m really amazed at the brilliance of this idea, the fish dirty the water with waste, the plants soak that up as fertilizer, and in return the plants grow greatly and your fish swim happy. The story behind the two men is also a ditch-convention-and-forget-the-corporate-route kind of inspiring. 

photo (8)

5. My obsession continues. I haven’t tried this DIY tie dye nail polish approach just yet, but I’m beefing up my collection of bright colors just in case.

photo (4)

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