There are things I learned this weekend that I will spare you from details of why a dog throws up and how much vet visits can cost and there are other things that I’m pretty excited about, like this cookbook I got back out after learning that one of my best friends was diagnosed with celiac disease and despite her hesitancy of revealing it because of the gluten-free craze that can appear more trendy (see I Tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet‘ here) than a health necessity and finally told everyone. I’m glad she did, because I have an excuse to buy gluten-free all purpose baking flour again and try a few recipes so I can report back on my findings.. In the meanwhile, what I learned this weekend, in pictures and a few thoughts on oddities, below:

photo (3)

1. Eggs make everything better, easy to do at home. Okay fine, so my obsession with eggs and realizing that an egg on top makes everything better is well documented and nothing new, but what is new is the revelation of how easy it is to ‘do at home.’ There we were on a Saturday night, exhausted a sick dog will do that and looking to make something quick. There we also were, craving the egg on top style pizza at a restaurant near our house but unable to get to, enter the DIY method using an egg we already had and a par baked pizza we picked up to bake at home.. perfect. I found out all the details in this how-to here.


2. Multicolored pom poms and mint green walls for baby girls are perfect. My niece was born this weekend so it’s only natural that I brag about her and her awesome room, right? Also: her name is Pacey and her sister’s name is Ridley and I may be biased but I think that already makes them a pretty cool sibling pair. amiright?

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3. Sugar, salt and fat are three things to avoid. I know its Monday and that avoiding those three things seems like we should subsist on carrots and celery and baked vegan cheesy kale chips and that not avoiding those things equals me and my affair w/sea salted potato ridges and fluffy pound cakes can continue, so I’ll leave you with just the picture of a book I initially read about in the New York Times and intend to read in its entirety because it exploits how the big wigs at companies like Coca-Cola and Nabisco have conspired to keep us addicted to the food they won’t even eat themselves.


4. Flats are improving lives, one comfortable step at a time. Here’s the thing about flats, they’re so comfortable that when I head to meetings I’m not distracted by thoughts of getting more band-aids for my blistered ankle and then when I head to happy hour I don’t plop down with a huge huff because finally! I’m off my feet. This isn’t to say I don’t wear heels because that would seem so uncool, and that whole meetings then happy hour scenario seems a bit more cool than my days really are, but that’s not the point. The good thing we now know today that we didn’t before is this: there’s a promo happening at so that you can get these beautiful ballet flats here.

photo (2)

5. Cat prints are making being a ‘cat lady’ seem hip. First there was this present a girlfriend gave to my cousin at her baby shower (below), giving her the best present ever award, the super pricey cat face shoes and their not so expensive look alikes, and then there was this shirt on sale at Gap (above) that screamed all kinds of awesomeness for my cat loving friends.. you know who you are.


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