You guys are going to have to grant me some wiggle room with this title because ‘five things I learned over the weekend’ should imply just that: things I learned on Saturday or Sunday and possibly Monday if it’s a three day weekend which it wasn’t and almost had me cursing the 3 day ones because it makes the 2 day ones pretty painful. Anyway, please grant me some leeway so that it can include things #latergrams that happened within the week so I can post a picture of the most delicious doughnut and then tell you what yummy dough filled sugary treats have taught me about life.

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1. Life is too short not to eat hot doughnuts with accompanying sweet spreads. This may be something you’re well aware of and for that I salute you because sharing this platter of doughnuts with a good friend from this restaurant in SF last week while they lasted all of four minutes was amazing. Doughnuts haven’t really gone away only to come back (re: ‘the cupcake craze of 2005 and the Pinkberry craze of 2009′) have they? It’s like they’ve never left us, standing patiently by while we tried things like mini macaroons and vegan frozen yogurt only to eventually realize a pound a refined white sugar is sometimes just what we need.

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2. Little milk jars make every drink and every party better. Does this need explaining? Probably not.

photo (5)

3. How to take a picture standing in the dressing room. Taking outfit picts in dressing rooms is quickly becoming a favorite activity of mine because 1) you get a #selfie in without having to contort your arm to an unnatural position and 2) you can get feed back on clothes you’re wary about from your peeps if you post it. What is new here? Pose like this (above) and not like this, because the latter is a ‘bump’ shot (note to concerned family members: not something I have!). . . I learned the hard way.


4. My sister knows the beauty in reclaimed wood. This is her new bathroom sink, equipped with a massively sink that sits inside a lug of wood she found at a center that sells old wood. A few coats of sealer and pounds of DIY elbow grease later, it is distractedly good looking. Oh, and she gets a medal because she is nine months pregnant. What can your sister do?

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5. Sometimes graffiti artists write good things. I spotted this on the streets of SF and almost passed over it. Que the lesson of ‘stop and smell the roses’ or in this case, stop and read vandalism.

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