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Okay guys, it’s Monday which means we made it through a week plus a weekend of heated celebrity baby rumors and the invention of the cronut (half pastry half donut hybrid sweetness) and  we’re entering a new week which is sure to give birth to 3 million + GIF’s of Taylor Swift’s facial expressions from last night’s Billboard Music Awards. My weekend unfortunately didn’t involve a cronut (per my investigation they’re being sold exclusively in New York at the moment) but it did have other delectable treats and life lessons all of which I list in no particular order below.

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1. Spring vegetables can go on anything. Spring veggies are everywhere right now (that’s not new) but I’ve recently learned how to quickly boil asparagus and saute ramps and chop everything up Master-Chef-like-fast for an easy open faced sandwich topping. Or how to add them to scrambled eggs and spread the mixture all over a bagel. Or a salad. You get the idea.


2. Approach with caution: Mixology is an addicting hobby. You don’t need a fancy bar for a good weekend and if you start mixing drinks at home you may never quit. This is a picture of the blueberry and pineapple cocktail my husband made over multiple days in a row the weekend. We had a bunch of leftover fruit from a Saturday BBQ at our place, and apparently that was enough to inspire a new tropical-esque drink that he served in his favorite copper mugs. In short, it was a fun weekend . .


3. Making things is reason enough (life). I am for-sure-no-matter-what attending the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo next year. All weekend I drove by the event center where it was being held and maneuvered my way through throngs of traffic, only to wish later that I had checked out this giant gathering of “enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, and artists,” because, well- who doesn’t love one huge #DIY session masked in a carnival like atmosphere?

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4. Sci-fy is a good genre. I apologize to everyone that already knew this, and I’m in not in the least trying to suggest that at one point this genre wasn’t worth reading, I just didn’t know (up until this book: Ender’s Game!) that it would be something I would enjoy. My book club chose this and it pushed me out of the comfort I find in my usual picks, but it was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read and though I’m a bit weary of Harrison Ford post 2001 it’s being made into a movie I can not wait to see. 

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5. Fashion influences food and makes it pretty. If you haven’t yet jumped on the tie-dye is back in (it is right?!) band wagon, and are feeling a bit hesitant to wear it you can always embrace your inner hippie and eat it. I suggest both.


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  • Ana

    Reading your weekly “Five Things” posts are a highlight of my Mondays!! Keep ‘em coming, V! xo

  • Tamar Hela

    So cute! I loved this post :) Keep it up!

    • Vanessa

      tamar i can’t thank you enough for all of your support! i owe my new found twitter obsession to you!!