I won’t bore you with the more mundane things I learned this weekend, like you can bruise small bones in your foot stepping out of the shower or whole loaves of bread can disappear in minutes with the right pesto and cheese combination, but I was tempted.

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1. Jalapenos can be added to everything. You may have already known that, it’s a pretty simple idea and it’s something I should have known after raving about this spicy raspberry cocktail and this spicy mango margarita, but for whatever reason it didn’t occur to me that adding a kick to typically sweet drinks can work spontaneously, no recipe needed. My husband had made Moscow Mules [uses a recipe similar to this one here, skips the sugar and uses agave nectar] over the weekend and asked if I was using the rest of a sliced jalapeno I had used in a cabbage slaw, when I replied no he went about mixing it in a new variation of his Moscow Mule.. spicy perfection.

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2. It never hurts to ask and burrata can be added to pizza. Our favorite dinner spot was serving a special, pizza with a bunch of sliced ramps topped with a serving of burrata in the middle. It’s kind of similar to learning that a farm egg [on top of anything really] can make an amazing pizza even more delicious. We sat at this high bar like table near the kitchen after asking our hostess if we could, and we had a front row seat to all the busy action that happens in a kitchen on a Friday night. I was in heaven.

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3. Art is everywhere. Starbucks is selling their herbal blend in a floral packaging that I love.


4. Dogs really are the best companions. Does this really need further explanation?! These GIF’s from BuzzFeed made their way across my radar on Friday (thank you, Facebook!) and if you haven’t already seen the best compilation of dog pictures ever yet, the link is here.


5. Everything is better with good conversation. A friend told me about a new-ish show that debuted last year and I have been watching it faithfully ever since. The host and founder, Amanda de Cadenet, describes the series as an alternative interview series dedicated to empowering women through conversation. It’s succeeding. Check it out here. 

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