I think I can speak for a mass of people when I say that this weekend was incredible and today is rough. Having a four day weekend makes all the two day weekends seem unfair and not nearly as long as they should be and we might as well not have two day weekends at all if as soon as I head out to my first restaurant dinner in five days I have to turn around and head back to the office, right? This weekend was full of learning moments, things like after finally purchasing our own Costco membership we got electric toothbrushes and I am convinced that had I had these powerful things before my last appointment at the dentist, it would have been far different than this experience here. We started a marathon of The Fall, this new series featuring my personal favorite Sully, er Gillian Anderson, in her latest role as a detective in the hunt for a serial killer but in between shows I was able to pull myself together and make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and my own hot sauce. In conclusion, if I can fit an entire series and a lot of cooking in to two days, I guess I’ll survive and we shouldn’t cancel two day weekends just yet.


1. Colored flowers will color the water they’re in. I know that this was Science experiment 101 somewhere around the second grade (carnations anyone?), but my MIL had these patriotic flowers out for the 4th and they inevitably turned the water a bright blue bringing the patriotism of the whole party to another level. Note to self: colored water in vases for flowers = instant party improvement tip.

photo (7)

2. Yesterday was the anniversary of sliced bread! Thanks to one of my favorite sites I’ve come to learn that yesterday was the anniversary of the invention of the bread slicing machine (thank you Otto Frederick, whose story is a great read in perseverance and I’m convinced that had they taught me his life story which includes his conviction that he could invent a machine to slice bread and the setbacks he encountered like a fire destroying his initial blue prints, I would have never flirted with the Atkin’s diet out of respect for the ingenuity behind it all) anyway, 85 years ago yesterday, the first ever loaf of sliced bread was sold commercially. Toasted piece of rye with a cilantro pesto anyone?

photo (9)

3. Move over cat prints, dog prints are chasing you. . . Um, that’s it. Love this Old Navy bag.

photo (8)

4. Life goal: live next to a park. A large, quiet, spacious park with a huge dog run. My brother in law and his wife live within walking distance to a park, which may at first seem to be a luxury of the suburbanites but it turns out city dwellers too, can experience the awesomeness of  living next to a park and I’ve made it a mission of mine to make this my experience. Long evening walks in the summer through a quiet piece of land filled with kids and dogs? It doesn’t get much better than that.

photo (10)

5. Target fashion. So okay, in last week’s five things I talked about Target sandals and the above picture is an example of trying to make something work that is a entire two sizes too small, but fortunately that is what the internet is for it just takes a bit of patience until this beauty was mailed to me. Note to self: you can always find your size online, no need to harm internal organs in an attempt to fit into a stylish good deal. 

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