I had a really great weekend full of date nights (my bro and SIL relishing three hours away from 2 children for some much needed adult time) and birthdays (my amazing aunt’s 50th!) and Sunday night family dinners (hello really good Mexican food) so it’s safe to say I learned quite a few things about the importance of family and long time friends and when you’re a parent the importance of getting out as a couple every once and a while. The other things (other than an impressive presentation with heirloom tomatoes) above are below:

photo (2)

1. Colored knives may be my new kitchen staple. My kitchen is small and not very inviting (we’re renting!) but I’m guessing these could brighten up any counter space, right?

photo (4)

2. FEED for Target. I had a girlfriend back in New York that started working for this company when it was still just reusable bags sold in Whole Foods and I’m so happy to see it expand, to date it’s donated over 6 million dollars and 60 million meals.


3. Half Dome beauty. My dad, sister and bro hiked Half Dome in Yosemite last weekend and it’s safe to say that this is going on my to do list for next year. Fourteen hours of hiking and a few near death experiences later? That has to be life changing.

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4. The Cream. I told my father in law about this new place in town with a line out the door that stretched for hours on Friday night and he wondered what’s so different about a place like this and well, Haagen Das? I’m sure once we have the patience to wait we will find out and never go back to the bucket.

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5. The Bar Method. I’ve been doing a lot of running lately (fairly effective stress management solution for me) but I’m always looking for a different form of exercise. The perfect solution to not being able to afford expensive (that’s all relative I guess) classes that seem like they could be fun? Their videos! Finally picked up a Bar Method video over the weekend (I know I’m fairly late to this party) but I’m excited to have something different to try and from what I hear from friends who do it I should feel like super woman afterwards.

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