I went to a bridal shower this weekend for an amazing woman that’s been a friend of mine since kindergarten and I’m still in awe of how great it feels to have a friend that you’ve known since you were both learning to swim and losing baby teeth on the playground. I mentioned her here (we recently reconnected, thank you Facebook) and on this week’s list I mention my grandma and her long time friendship. I was encouraged by this article quoting the director from the upcoming documentary on the Fruitvale Station shooting here, in love with this artist’s take on the Disney princesses as super heroes here and enamored with knuckle rings from this lovely Brooklyn based shop here. 

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1. Life is about cumin aioli. This is a picture of one of the best breakfasts I’ve really ever had. It’s from a restaurant in the Ox Bow Market part of Napa called C Casa and the whole breakfast taco made up of one house made white tortilla with a goat cheese spread underneath scrambled eggs with pico de gallo and cumin aioli was a mere $4.25. They pick local and organic produce and after my first one I went back for another round and my search for a cumin aioli replica of what they used is now mission critical.

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2. Hold on to your best friends and don’t let them go. Right? Always a good reminder. My sweet grandma (right) with her great friend (left) waiting for our spot at a pancake house.

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3. Hold on to your JCrew clothes and don’t ever let those go. I’m big on cleaning out my closet and getting rid of things that I haven’t worn in a while but note to self: JCrew stuff stays current for years, see the example of this patterned dress I bought in 2009 making an appearance now in the form of a skirt. Note: ignore my feet? I’m feeling self conscious about those..

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4. Bridal shower details make the party. My aforementioned girlfriend’s shower was complete with the sweetest details that’s become my new blueprint of how to turn an entire house into a special and perfect ode to the bride and her groom. See her initial with tulle on the front door? Even the pictures in the bathroom were switched out to pictures of her and her parents way back when.

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5. If home is where the heart is… then all my stuff is in the wrong town? Yeah.. so this one is kind of, well, I want to live in a town that happens to be one of the most expensive places to live ever, see the amazing trail it houses here, and sure there are other places I would survive and will most likely have to but a girl can dream, right? Dream, or move out of California to escape the housing market that remains crazy here.. probably just stick with dreaming for now.

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