There are things that happen to you in life that you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when it happened. Like the first and last time I wore a skort or the time I got to pair my favorite puff paint shirt with huge high tops or heard Dirty Pop and totally sympathized with N’Sync like ‘Why is pop music so misunderstood?’ and thought that was an incredibly intense revelation.


Cooking breaded chicken, the labor of love that went into making breadcrumbs and setting up the plate of flour and egg mixture, the smell of the olive oil meeting its meat, the whole thing was pretty wonderful and one of those moments that I can’t foresee forgetting any time soon.



Oh, and then there was the accompanying salad. The arugula and creamy mustard dressing that has changed the way I look at arugula forever and letting me see the possibilities a good dose of Dijon holds as a healthier and just as tasty option to a cream based dressing. . . life changing.



This recipe was from my beloved cookbook from Smitten Kitchen and I found the recipe posted here, the only change I would make would be emphasizing the awesomeness of homemade bread crumbs (Deb mentions her solution to being in a breadcrumbs pinch in a different recipe in her book, she suggests tearing 1-2 crustless pieces of bread into 1 inch sections and pulsing through a food processor before sticking them in the oven on 350′ for about 15 minutes until toasted.. go this route and you will thank me for pushing this point later) and the regretful decision of not making more because the first chicken breasts were inhaled by me and my hubby and alas the chance of leftovers disappeared in crunchy-mustardy-arugula-healthy-bites that I will never forget.



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