Happy Friday!

roasted mushrooms, corn, poblano peppers and cojita cheese taco: mid work day (food truck) lunch!



It’s Ana and I on the phone. We’re chatting like best friends do: she’s retelling cool Manhattan city stories, I’m rehashing suburbia married ones from an area that demands $1,000 per square foot. Here in California, the sun is out and it’s almost 80 degrees. It’s April. I’m walking something called the Stanford Dish and its  Saturday, she’s across the country with the buzz of NYC life in the background. We’re wondering aloud why no one warned us about the torturous decade that is YOUR 20s.

Me: Everyone says, ‘Watch out for high school, high school sucks! Then you grow up though, so just wait…’

Ana: I agree! High school was awesome when compared to. .

Families and fit people wearing iPhone headphones pass me, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a few people twice. Are they lapping me? I start jogging and it seems easy when distracted in this therapeutic conversation.

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I shared this photo on Instagram earlier this week but . . can you blame me? These pooches.

burrata garlic pesto

Probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had at a small pop corner shop at a small town farmer’s market. Garlic. Burrata. Pesto. 

chinese chicken

My favorite comfort meal recently, sweet potato fries with chipotle aioli and a crunchy Chinese chicken salad. 


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chicken chili.jpg


I disagree with complaining about the weather as a general rule for us residents in California. . . It doesn’t seem right, really, when 90% of the time the weather here is perfect. Perfectly rainy (drought relief!) or perfectly springy and sunny with those ocean breezes that make for great wine regions. Before I wax on about the awesomeness that is California weather, let me first admit that I wanted to complain.

One minute I’m heating up this leftover chicken stew in a rainy climate that’s ideal and so apropos for chilly-stay-in-at-night-and-snuggle-with-the-closest-warm-body type behavior, the next I’ve got yet another awkward sunburn from my walk to the farmer’s market (PROBLEMS).

So, seasonally appropriate or not, here’s my new favorite chicken stew. For days when it’s cold and a big pot of this on the stove makes everything seem cozier. . . or for those 80 degree days in April?

Either one, right?

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photo (1)

This was a beautiful plate of corned beef hash. No will power.

photo (3)

Easiest roast chicken with veggies and potatoes. Asparagus season!

photo (2)

Kind of a proven fact that chicken stew makes rainy days awesome.


photo (5)


Two weeks ago I went on a warm vacation (hot dogs or legs question!) where my biggest problem was figuring out whether to order the breakfast croissant sandwich before or after my iced coffee. I lived in oversized shirts (pool coverups!) that passed as acceptable public wear and dressing up for dinner meant putting on sandals and taking off sunglasses. If this what growing up entails, I’ll take it.


Eventually, real life made me get on a plane and come home.



One can only take so many awkward sunburns and bar tabs filled with pina coloadas and tortilla chips…so, good to be back?

PicMonkey Collage

What I ate in Hawaii: (in no particular order)

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